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Puppy Trims
With love and cuddles. The introduction of grooming to puppies should begin as early as possible following final vaccinations but should be done carefully and steadily. Negative first impressions of bathing, brushing, drying, nail trimming etc will have a lasting impact on your pooch. Tailoring services to you and your puppy will minimise anxiety and stress. Puppy trims for confident puppies generally consist of a brush-out, bath and dry, nails and a face and bum trim. However, less or more confident pooches will benefit from a tailored approach. Owner consultations are crucial to establish your dog’s personality.

Sometimes dogs just need a bath between grooms. Perhaps an encounter with fox poo or a muddy field means your pooch needs a wash and nothing else. I can offer a bath and dry only, using specially formulated shampoos for your pooch’s skin and coat needs. Your dog will thank you for it because being clean, they feel better too!

Hand Stripping
Shedding for some dogs just goes on and on due to artificial light. Hand stripping your pooch is a necessary process which ensures healthy hair growth. When dead hair is not removed efficiently it can cause complications with the natural cycle of new growth.

A critical part of a successful groom is a thorough bath. Removal of debris, grease and anything else your pooch has collected can reveal a stunning coat. Always using quality and specially formulated shampoos and conditioners suited to your dogs’ coat and skin; Whether it be medicated / hypoallergenic, detangling or even the lovely de-stressing lavender, you can be sure your pooch will be lovingly bathed and rinsed to the squeak!

Like humans, dog’s nails will grow continuously. Some quicker than others. Although offered as part of the ‘full pamper’, nail trimming only, is also available.

The Full Pamper
This service includes the works! With love and cuddles all the way! Your pooch can look forward to:

  • Full brush-out and detangle
  • Bath
  • Nails
  • Pads
  • Ears and eyes cleaned
  • Trim / clip / strip as per consultation
  • Final fragrance spritz if required.

Muddy Weather?